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Quality speaks for itself, and the Healing Kitchen (Paleo Autoimmune Protocol) Cookbook by New York Times Best Seller Sarah Ballantyne and Grazed and Enthused’s Alaena Haber speaks loudly, as this story from a recent trip home shows…

So good, your friends and family will want a copy!

I was recently back in Australia on a trip to visit family and friends. I took one copy of the Healing Kitchen with me as a present for my mum, who also follows the Paleo diet and lifestyle (way to go mum!).

I’m one of those people who leaves a lot of things to the last minute (can you relate?!) and packing was no exception on this trip. I gave myself approximately 15 minutes to pack between arriving home from work and taking a cab to the airport (that must be some sort of Olympic record!) In the rush to throw things in my suitcase I left a present for my best friend in Washington (#facepalm).

When I arrived in Australia I immediately gifted The Healing Kitchen to my mum and a big heart-warming smile immediately took over her face. I knew that she loved her present. The next day, before seeing my friend, I went to get her present and to my chagrin, I found that it wasn’t in my suitcase. She was due over any minute with a present for me and I had nothing for her! What to do?


So many bags but not enough presents!

So many bags but not enough presents!

I saw mum’s copy of the Healing Kitchen on the countertop and gifted it to my friend as she walked through the door. The same smile which had enveloped my mum’s face, enveloped her face too. I knew that she loved her present but how would I break the news to mum?

When mum came through the door later that day, I explained what had happened but that I had a solution! I ordered a replacement copy for her on Amazon then and there, but because Australia is an island on the other side of the planet, it wasn’t due to arrive for two weeks. The disappointment on mum’s face was noticeable, as was the guilt which took over me. Moral of the story? Breaking Olympic records for packing ain’t all it’s cracked up to be!

Thankfully, shortly I got back home to the US, the replacement book arrived for mum. Both my friend and mum couldn’t stop raving about their presents, the delicious recipes, the simple explanation of the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol at the front of the book, the easy to read layout and the beautiful imagery and graphics were a winner.

I decided to test the book out for myself (too right I purchased multiple copies!).

To find out what I cooked and what I thought of the book, check out the video below. And lucky for you, I’m going to ship a copy to one lucky person ANYWHERE on this planet (YES, even you, Antarctica!), so you too can know what it’s like first-hand. 

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Prize: One copy of the Healing Kitchen, mailed to one winner, wherever they are located in the world.

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Eligibility: Open to everyone!

Dates: The contest closes at 11:59pm on Friday March 11 2016 (US EST), the winner will be announced on Saturday March 12, 2016.