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My name is Rory and I’ve reclaimed my health using three simple tools;

  1. Nutrition
  2. Lifestyle
  3. Mindset

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Healing Protocols

Discover which healing protocol is right for you. Start your journey here.

Healing Protocols

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Nutrition gives you the building blocks to thrive. Find out more about how food as medicine.

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Learn why mindset may be the most important factor for great health.

What you think you become!

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From sleep, to stress management to time in nature, Lifestyle is crucial to great health!

Start a Healthy Lifestyle!

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Episode 14 – Paleo in the UK

Jo Romero started the Autoimmune Protocol four years ago, in the UK where the awareness of national healing for autoimmunity is still just emerging. She figured [...]

Moving Past Self Limiting Beliefs

Key Takeaways What you focus on the longest, becomes the strongest. Our mindsets are an underappreciated but necessary tool to help us heal. Our mindsets [...]

Episode 13 – Growing a Business with Autoimmune Disease

Within months, Kaye went from being an active scientist and ocean researcher to a new mum who was unable to walk or care for her baby. Previously she had managed hypermobility due to Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome by [...]

You’ve been following a healing protocol for a while. What’s next?

By Rory Linehan   KEY TAKEAWAYS: If you’ve been on a healing protocol for a while, chances are you are looking for ways to sustain [...]

7 Ancestral Foods to Help with your Recovery

By Rory Linehan   Takeaways Whether you are recovering from a cold or flu, surgery and an autoimmune flare, these foods will help provide your [...]

Episode 12 – Autoimmune Remission with Eileen Laird

In this episode, Eileen shares her sweeping odyssey from diet drinks and fluffernutter sandwiches to early adoption of the Autoimmune Protocol, her decision to take [...]

Episode 11 – Biohack Your Health with Matthew Chambers-Sinclair

Even though the personalized (n=1) experimentation method Matthew Chamber-Sinclair helped develop enabled him to heal significantly from disabling illness, he has a refreshingly unvarnished perspective [...]

Episode 10 – The Paleo Autoimmune Protocol with Dr Sarah Ballantyne

Dr Sarah Ballantyne tells us how she used her fascination with science (i.e. geekiness) to turn her Hashimotos, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, obesity, IBS and autoimmune [...]

Episode 9 : Autoimmune Science with Vivek Mandan

After years of research and self-experimentation, Vivek Mandan, who has had autoimmune thyroid issues since he was eight,finally gave up trying fix himself. That's when [...]

Episode 8: The Weston A Price Diet with Sally Fallon Morell

In this episode, President of the Weston A. Price Foundation, Sally Fallon Morell reveals the challenges of taking on the low-fat nutritional dogma of the [...]

Episode 7: The Wahls Protocol with Dr Terry Wahls

In this episode Dr. Terry Wahls gets real with Jo, Petra and I.  She shares new insights into her healing story, including how the extra [...]

Episode 6: Healing from Multiple Sclerosis with V Capaldi

This episode we talk to V Capaldi from Paleo Boss Lady. Self-love, food and re -imagining cultural norms helped V to transform her life from [...]

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