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I stumbled across Paleo after clicking on a link to Dr Terry Wahls famous TED talk. At the time I was in the grips of a chronic illness and was convinced that I could improve the condition through proper nutrition and lifestyle. I had seen a number of my symptoms deteriorate after eating ‘problem foods’ and their improvement after avoiding these foods. What I didn’t know was which foods were healthful or where…. Read more


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Nutrition gives you the building blocks to thrive. Find out more about how food as medicine.

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Learn why mindset may be the most important factor for great health.

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From sleep, to stress management to time in nature, Lifestyle is crucial to great health!

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Sustained Gains: How I’m Finally Addressing the Root Cause(s) of My Health

 By Rory Linehan   I am not a medical professional and all information I am sharing with you today is of a personal nature. [...]

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How I AIP: A Guest Post by Joanna Frankham

This week the worldwide community of AIP bloggers has banded together to highlight how we each live our healing protocol lifestyle - in real life. [...]

5 Ways to Spend More Time in the Great Outdoors

  *An original guest post for The Paleo Mom By Rory Linehan Key Messages Over half of the world’s population lives in urban areas, meaning for [...]

  • How Spending Time in Nature Supercharges Your Health | The Paleo PI

How spending time in Nature supercharges your health

 *An original guest post for The Paleo Mom By Rory Linehan   Key Messages Just listening and watching nature has been shown to reduce stress [...]

  • A Simple Guide to the AIP Giveaway | The Paleo PI

A Simple Guide to the AIP: 5 Questions in 5mins with Eileen Laird

Want to get started on the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) but lack the time to sift through the information? Are you looking to learn more about [...]

  • AIP Coach | The World's Only AIP Text Messaging Service

AIP Coach: Daily Motivation, Inspiration and Support in the Palm of Your Hand

Check out AIP Coach Here AIP Coach, the world’s only text messaging service for the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) has arrived! A collaboration between Anne [...]

My Story: The Health Impacts of Prejudice & Discrimination

 By Rory Linehan This is part 2 of a series co-authored with Petra Chambers-Sinclair from Petra8Paleo. You can find Part 1 here.   Key Messages [...]

  • Why are Women More Susceptible to Autoimmune Disease? | The Paleo PI

Why are Women More Susceptible than Men to Autoimmune Disease?

By Rory Linehan Key Messages: More than three out of every four people with autoimmune disease are women The reasons for the 'gender bias' in [...]

7 Simple Simple Strategies to Improve Your Mental Clarity

By Rory Linehan This is Part 2 of a 3 Part collaboration between Petra Chambers-Sinclair of Petra8Paleo and The Paleo PI. You can find Part 1 [...]

The Healing Kitchen – Review and International Giveaway

**If you are here for the giveaway, scroll down to the video to find out how you can win. Hurry entries close Friday March 11* [...]

Pulled Herbed Chicken with Sautéed Carrot and Parsnip Mash (AIP/Paleo/LOW FODMAP)

  By Rory Linehan   Ok, so sure the title of the recipe sounds a little fancy but let me assure you, making this dish [...]

A video guide to cooking simply on the AIP

There are so many amazing cooks and incredible recipes on the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol (AIP). We are blessed to have an abundance of delicious recipes [...]

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