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I stumbled across Paleo after clicking on a link to Dr Terry Wahls famous TED talk. At the time I was in the grips of a chronic illness and was convinced that I could improve the condition through proper nutrition and lifestyle. I had seen a number of my symptoms deteriorate after eating ‘problem foods’ and their improvement after avoiding these foods. What I didn’t know was which foods were healthful or where…. Read more


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Discover which healing protocol is right for you. Start your journey here.

Healing Protocols

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Nutrition gives you the building blocks to thrive. Find out more about how food as medicine.

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Learn why mindset may be the most important factor for great health.

What you think you become!

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From sleep, to stress management to time in nature, Lifestyle is crucial to great health!

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Disclaimer: I receive no compensation for my product reviews which allows me to provide you with unbiased feedback. The views expressed here are solely my [...]

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